Chair’s Message

Chair’s Message












Welcome to ULI Southwest Florida.

The Urban Land Institute represents over 38,000 members worldwide and our mission is to provide:

“Leadership in the Responsible Use of Land and in Creating and Sustaining Thriving Communities.”

Since 1936 our members have dedicated themselves to that mission and have worked at the national, regional and local levels to assist and collaborate with other dedicated people to make the places where we live, work and relax better places to be.

ULI Southwest Florida exists to continue that mission. We are a group of diverse individuals, active members of our communities, and we believe that as we work together, share knowledge, explore ideas and foster collaboration with each other we will have a significant, positive impact at every level within our Southwest Florida neighborhoods and communities.

We don’t presume to have all the answers. But we are confident that in the process of providing educational opportunities, sharing ideas and collaborating together we can encourage one another, address solutions for local issues, explore goals and help set standards for Southwest Florida that are both aspirational and achievable.

At ULI Southwest Florida we want to be:

Dedicated people doing the right things in the best ways to serve our communities.

If that describes you, or intrigues you, we welcome your involvement and invite you to join us in that service to your community.


Christopher O. Wright
Chair, ULI SW Florida